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Toys, at one point of time are just mere play things that were used to pacify and occupy children and something for them to chew on occasionally as well as to relief them of boredom. Though eye – catching and keeps children occupied for hours, the earlier toys are anything but neither educational nor inspirational. Time marches on and more and more toys are introduced and still not much was done to increase the educational value of children. Then came the year 2009 and toys are no longer just mere play things that appease the boredom of children.

That year marks the arrival of CT Toys, a company devoted to bring forth the original conception of toys to the best of its abilities. Toys were originally meant to stimulate learning and introduce a fun and enjoyable way to learn and prepare the young for life in society. This is where CT Toys play its part with utmost determination and dedication. For a timeline of 5 years and counting, CT Toys had introduced a wide variation of toys that are not only appealing to a child’s senses but also appealing to a child’s interest to learn, grow and develop. In other words, CT Toys is not just a brand, its inspiration that keeps on providing children with a healthy and extremely fun means of learning while allowing children to still be children without comprising their leisure.

CT Toys is a brand that introduces to families the wonders of creative and innovative toys that promote and simulate role play and preparing one’s child with the knowledge needed to face life in society. To achieve that goal, CT Toys promotes toys that are of high quality, durable, eye – catching, creativity stimulating, internationally recognized and legally certified to cater to international safety standards and are expanding their influence to the shores of US and Europe via an online platform, as well as through a local distributor that caters for the worldwide region. CT Toys also provides excellent service in order to grow and adapt to the needs of customers without comprising innovation, creativity and efficiency.