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Bounce, Jump & Roll Rocker


Have an infant or toddler feeling bored to tears? Need your infant or toddler to be in one place without compromising valuable education and fun time? Give your child a cool jumping seat. Not just any normal seat. CT Toys is proud to introduce the Wild Style Babe Jumper. Not only does it promote play, it doubles as a feeding seat and a resting seat. Entertain your child with fun toys, soothing music, flashy lights and cool effects sounds when your child jumps for joy. Not only that, the seat is always usable even as the baby grows!

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Product Description

The CT Toys Wild Style Babe Jumper is durable, sturdy and comfortable to the extent of supporting an infant all the way to a toddler with weights up to 25 lbs (11.3 kg)! The Babe Jumper has a seat that spins a 360 degree angle with toys lined all around the seat so that your child could see and play with the toy for every turn made. The Babe Jumper is also sturdy with a free standing steel frame that allows your child to jump safely to their hearts content. As another precaution, the soft spring covers keep their little fingers safe and sound while they play or jump. The Babe Jumper can be easily adjusted to three different heights to suite your baby’s growth. Your child will be preoccupied by jungle themed animals ranging from a cheeky monkey to a majestic tiger. The Babe Jumper features soft, comfy seat pad that is both machine washable and dryer safe. It is also foldable for storage and portability and easy to reassemble. As a reminder, the rocker requires batteries to operate.

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