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Get that that feeling that you might have a little chef in the house? Is your child displaying an interest in cooking? Are they curious about the wonders of kitchen utensils but can’t bear to let them play with dangerous sharp objects? Instead of putting them through the dangers of a real kitchen, why not introduce them to the wonders of the culinary world the safe way with the Kitchen Take Away Playset. With the Kitchen Take Away Playset, your kids can show off their creative and imaginative prowess and cook up a glorious feast for all to enjoy. The aspiring young chefs in your household will surely love this almost realistic kitchen set equipped with all the necessary kitchen accessories!

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Product Description

The Kitchen Take Away Playset comes equipped with all the necessary realistic accessories and utensils to spur their imagination of cooking up a sumptuous meal such as a two – unit stove, an oven, a sink with water tap, kitchen utensils, cutlery, cups, plates, pans, pots and more. The playset also appeals to your child’s senses with fun sounds and attractive lights while cooking.

Fun will not the only thing your kids gain from the Take Away Kitchen Playset. In fact, the playset is a sure way to boost their learning skills such as basic math, utensil identification, proper use of utensils and vocabulary building as well as enforcing social etiquette like taking turns to cook, taking orders, serving diners and sharing playtime with their siblings and friends. As they handle and play with plastic food utensils, they can understand and acquire new words and learn all about the different shapes, sizes as well as colours. In addition, the playset is foldable and mobile so that is it prepped and available whenever your child needs it.

Don’t wait and deprive your young aspiring chefs the opportunity to create wonderful meals for the whole family in the future and get the Kitchen Take Away Playset now.


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