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Musical Oceanic Play Gym


Want to give your child an undersea adventure? Want your child to experience the beauty of the ocean but would not want to subject them to the dangers of the real ocean? Then CT Toys has just the thing for you. CT Toys is proud to bring to you, the Oceanic Kick and Crawl Play Gym. Give your child the thrills and spills of the vast blue ocean through melodious music, mesmerizing lights and actual ocean sounds that respond to your child’s movements. Comfortable and safe, your child will be immensely entertained! Linkable toys and a soft mat make lay and play as well as tummy time so much fun!

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Product Description

CT Toys Oceanic Musical and Crawl Play Gym allows your child to rest in the most comfortable environment as you lay them on a soft mat as well as let them play to their hearts content with a multitude of linked adorable oceanic animal themed toys that your child could bat at, grasp at and kick at. Besides that, the gym responds to baby’s movement by playing music, sounds and a myriad of colorful dancing lights. The best part about the play gym is that it is capable of growing alongside your child, be it from infant all the way to toddler. The attached toys encourage your child to reach and push while lying on their tummy. The quilt of the play gym is reconfigurable to promote a crawl through play space. All functions of gym are equipped to help your child develop sensory skills through play and touch while sitting, crawling or lying down in a comfortable position. To note, the quilt is also machine washable for your convenience.

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